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  1. PrincessVicofJersey


    I read the comics growing up. Thought they were fun. Then there was another Sabrina on TV in the late 90s: cutesy. But I'm really digging this incantation. I love Miranda Otto anyway. And her portrayal of the aunt is just spot on. It's a bit darker, which I'm loving. I hope they do another season of this.
  2. PrincessVicofJersey

    The CW Elseworld Crossover: Let's Talk

    I watched it. I was bored. Like, why am I subjecting myself to three hours of this bored. I get that they were trying to set up a new Big Bad, but geeeeeesh! For me, it was a snooze fest.
  3. PrincessVicofJersey

    Hey new members!

    Hello everybody!!! New member here as well. Just a huge shout out and Merry Christmas to everybody.

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