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  1. Jonita

    Renfair of color

    Wow. Those are nice!
  2. Jonita

    Renfair of color

    Check out that link CKbrowne posted in this thread. The garb is really nice! It will take some saving to buy though. But looks worth it.
  3. Jonita

    Renfair of color

    Adding this to my calendar. Thanks!!!
  4. Jonita

    Renfair of color

    This place makes PLUS SIZES!!! BGN Field trip! Who's in?
  5. Jonita

    Renfair of color

    Do I have to wear these to a renfair? or could I just wear them out grocery shopping or going to the post office? The garb looks amazing, and like just wearing them would improve life. Asking for a friend, of course.
  6. Jonita

    Renfair of color

    I need to find one in the Chicago area, or Michigan, Indianapolis is also driveable.
  7. Is anyone else watching this Elseworld crossover? I feel we really need to talk about this. Expect some spoilers if you haven't watched the latest one. I definitely have some thoughts on this one.
  8. Jonita

    Holiday Music

    I refuse to vote until "This Christmas" is on the list! And Mariah's All I Want for Christmas is You.
  9. Jonita

    Roll Call !

    Indiana.... Can I pick again? Mine is busted.
  10. Jonita

    Renfair of color

    Your pics make me want to play! I love the garb, but I've yet to make it to a true ren fair. I don't think I'd know what to do! Any tips for a ren fair newb?
  11. Jonita

    Hi Nerds!

    Hey everyone!
  12. I got mine! Ready to read later today!
  13. Ashley, The Sabrina one is taken. Every link I get for the first is not working. You may have to wait until it airs on HULU. Let me know if you don't have an account. Go here to see more shows to sign up for. https://community.blackgirlnerds.com/clubs/2-bgn-writers/
  14. So I wrote an article about the mass shooting problem about a major statistic that no one really is talking about. https://blackgirlnerds.com/bgn-opinion-can-we-talk-about-why-white-guys-are-allowed-to-keep-shooting-up-our-country/ I thought it was well researched. I had another editor look it over before posting. Well, why did my childhood best friend--a white woman--jump on there trying to pick my stuff apart? Then the son of my former foster parents jumped on and is still trying to silence the debate on the article? They are attacking the data and everything else. Ole girl even trotted out the white tears. Smh. It is the friends I made as an adult who are holding me down and embarrassing the hell out of those who knew me when I still wearing barrettes in my hair. The beat down is funny. Here's a link. Anyone else have that trouble? Write something controversial and the folks who know you best, instead of holding you down they are first to try to tear you up.
  15. There is a whole slew of new shows and show premieres coming up. As managing editor, I need to ensure that I have enough folks to cover it all. So, I am calling out for tv writers. BGN pays for the review and/or premiere recap of the show. We then leave the writer to continue the recaps (which becomes a great way to interact with the cast, crew, and fans) or move on to another show. The recaps are also a great portfolio builder, but they are unpaid and not mandatory. However, there are so many show reviews and premiere recaps needed that there is plenty of paid work to go around. Apply for the gig by sending me your resume and links to published clips. My email is jonita@blackgirlnerds.com. If you are light on entertainment writing, draft a recap of an episode of your favorite show--doesn't have to be current--and send it as a sample. BGN is an access point, so we do work with writers who a trying to break inot the industry. I just need to see you writing skills before we begin, hence the sample recap. We wil not use the sample. Apply today. The premieres start in just a few weeks!

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