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  1. Jamie

    Renfair of color

    Adding fellow LARPer @MsLinda to this thread. Enjoy!
  2. Jamie

    Statue and figure collectors

    I have some of those too! Where did you get the Riri action figures???? I'll post my pics shortly...
  3. Jamie

    I still don't know how to Social media properly!

    OMG! I'm still trying to figure out IGTV. That platform is super confusing to me right now. And by the time I try to figure it out, there will be something new. And I don't really do Facebook or Instagram stories. They just seem weird and confusing to me.
  4. Jamie

    The CW Elseworld Crossover: Let's Talk

    I haven't seen it yet. I'm behind on sooooo many TV shows
  5. Jamie

    Bodyguard on NETFLIX

    I haven't seen it yet! Richard Madden is in it right? I'm still triggered by his loss during the Red Wedding episode of GOT. I'll check this show out!
  6. Jamie

    Hey new members!

    Hope you had a fantastic holiday and Happy New Year!
  7. Jamie

    Hey new members!

    Welcome to the community Aleta! Happy New Year!!
  8. What really struck me was the part of Michelle's childhood when her friend (or I think it was a cousin) asked "Why do you talk like a white girl?" That was also my experience growing up. I'll never forget visiting my family in South Carolina and they asked me that same question. The way Michelle wrote her reaction was exactly how I felt. I felt offended yet ashamed. It was a weird feeling and kind of a surprise since I didn't know that I sounded "different". That part of her story has really resonated with me. I'm still reading...can't wait to explore more.
  9. Jamie

    Hey new members!

    Hey Cher! Can you share with us some of your graphic designs? Would love to check them out!
  10. I have my hardback copy and I'm ready. About a few chapters in so far...
  11. Jamie

    Hi Nerds!

    Hi Kris and Azia! Welcome to the community site!
  12. Jamie

    Renfair of color

    Wow! These photos are amazing! Asides from NY, where are some good places to attend a faire? I've never been to one!
  13. Jamie

    Holiday Music

    No holiday is complete without Donny Hathaway's "This Christmas"
  14. In her debut novella published by iUniverse, A.C. Bell illustrates an intimate portrait of family life through the lens of Abigail Kimball — a woman tirelessly balancing the demands of her high-powered career and taking care of her elderly parents. Abigail is a single woman, married to her career but loyal to family and finds herself in a precarious position when her father (Benjamin Kimball) who has become ill, can no longer take care of her dementia-stricken mother (Jeanne Kimball). Abigail, known to her friends and family as Abby, has to make the choice between reaching her goals and climbing up the corporate ladder to success or being sympathetic to the needs of her family who were always there for her when she needed them.
  15. Jamie


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