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    Hello All, I just wanted to reach out to those of us ladies that have a love of Knights in Shining Armor, and Female Warriors who don a corset and a sword. I have worked at the NY Renaissance Faire off and on since 1997. I've loved over that time seeing more of us in garb on the faire grounds. So let me know who you are, and of your experiences. I look forward to meeting you!
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    Hi everyone. I am new and just wanted to see if there are many statue and figure collectors here. I am active in other statue forums and groups but there aren’t many for black/ people of color and female. Anyway here are some photos from my collection. Enjoy! Shuri Vixen Bumblebee Ironheart-Riri Williams Valkryie
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    This place makes PLUS SIZES!!! BGN Field trip! Who's in?
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    Hi I’m Kristen from LA, TV writer, BGN. Excited to be in a space full of things I love: movies, tv, books. HP is my favorite verse but I love many more.

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